Company Profile

Patheinthar Co., Ltd.

In firstly, Patheinthar Compny Limited was built on 30th September,1996. At this moment, we was collecting the raw material in our Delta area. Which area is western south of Ayerwaddy Division in Myanmar. It is settled in bank of Andaman Sea and Bay of Bangal. Our Pathein Town is the capital of Ayerwaddy Division. Patheinthar meaning is that it is the people of Ayerwaddy Division. So, we choice the name as Patheinthar Co., Ltd. In starting of this business. it was built as 2 people directors and 3 staffs in this company. We purchased the raw of marine products and supplied to Yangon processing/coldstorage factory. This is called by raw material supplier from Delta area to Yangon through in Pathein.

Shwe Pathein Trading Co., Ltd.

In August 1999, we built the Shwe Pathein Trading Co., Ltd. After that we tried to export the sea food (marine products) from Yangon to world wide. Firstly, we rented the old factory and processed and started the exporting.

Shwe Yamone Maunfacturing Co., Ltd.

On 7th November 2001, we can open this processing factory. We gave the factory name as Shwe Yamone Manufacturing Co., Ltd. We competed other seafood exporters in Myanmar... After that we can lead in Myanmar Seafood exporting since 2004 from up to now. We got the FAO award as maximun seafood exporter in Myanmar every year. Our estimate exporting is about 1500 MT to 3000 MT in per year. Our estimate exporting amount is about 20 Million USD to 25 Million USD per year.

Laputta Factory

On 25th October 2010, we can open the new factory in Laputta. Laputta is in Delta area. We process in Laputta factory for Black Tiger which is very good freshness. Because it is so closed with natural farm and factory.

Shwe Yamone Value Added Seafood Co., Ltd.

In this 2013 - 2014, we built the Shwe Yamone Value Added Seafood Co., Ltd. This is for our value added processing and exporting for Japan,HK,USA and EU.

Our Product

Our main production is Sea Tiger, Black Tiger, White, Flower, Fresh Water Shrimp (Scampi) and Pink. Other is Sea Perch Fish, Cuttlefish and Squid. All is like as organics product... no feed, no treat any chemical.. All was caught by natural farm/river and deep sea. Processing idea is such as IQF (Individual Quick Frozen), Semi-IQF, IWP and Block Frozen. Product idea is such as: Head On shell ON, Headless Shell On, PD, PPV, PUD, PTO, Nobashi, Cuttlet and Breaded.